NRN Match is a certified premium offline hand-picked professional matchmaking agency located in the USA. Our focus and niche market are NRN communities Worldwide as well as Nepali Non NRN. We believe in our team’s ability to help people find true love and an everlasting relationship. Our expert matchmakers are dedicated to making your dreams of finding your true love become a reality.

    Instead of computer algorithms wasting your time with incompatible matches, here at NRN Match we provide our clients with professional match-makers who connect and guide you in finding your soul-mate globally. We believe that human connection and personal touch are the keys to finding you the perfect lifelong partner. We don't just set you up on dates, we offer support from the first date through marriage. 

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At the heart of nrnmatch.com is the belief that while love is universal, the way people meet, court and develop relationships is far from it. Our Nepali nationals are spread all over the world and we want them to find out about other people from their community so that they can be joined in holy matrimony. Please check out our Blogs..

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