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NRN Match is the No. 1 Certified highly confidential personalized offline matchmaking agency based in the USA where we handpick our client’s potential life partner. We basically focused on Nepalese communities around the world and helped them to find their ideal partner and create a bond through a happy marriage. We believe that we are able to provide you with the best quality matches to bring you a step closer to your soulmate. Our uniqueness and powerful combination of best matchmaking, one-on-one coaching, private & confidential, and experiences of a lifetime, has made us different from others.

We provide a unique strategy for matchmaking which includes our well-experienced professional connector, CRO (Client Relation Officer) who helps in picking the right match for each of our clients and make matchmaking successful. Our specialty is to provide one-on-one coaching from the inside out with our team of experts and maintain every information private & confidential.

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In order to assess common goals, values, and interests our assigned CRO performs a serious intake interview and deep screening process. This is performed via a face-to-face meeting, telephone, Skype, or zoom whichever is most convenient for our customer. This part of our approach allows our experts to map out each customer’s needs and requirements based upon specific criteria and eligibility. This professional screening adds an additional layer of safety to the matchmaking experience, which is irreplaceable when coupled with our knowledge and objectivity.

We fully understand that you may want to bring your parents into the decision-making process even though the final selection of a life partner is an individual decision. We welcome your family members and arrange meetings with them to get their valuable perspective.

We are here to protect your Confidentiality, Privacy, and boundaries. Our secured services are highly confidential and 100% personalized and Customized. We always honor our customer’s privacy. Our staffs provide for a pleasant and Satisfying matchmaking experience. As with any successful organization, we are proud that all of our staff are experienced, trained, well paid, and able to provide the highest-class service.

Each paid customer is individually treated and comfortably cared for by an assigned CRO from start to the finish of finding your compatible life partner.

Who We Serve

Our head office located in the USA which allows us to service all Nepalese and Non-Residential Nepali (NRN) residing around the world (including in Nepal, India, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Australia, other European countries, and many more). Our market focuses on serious single individuals from the Nepalese community over the age of 21 to 65, busy affluent professionals such as doctors, Nurses ,engineer, lawyers, entrepreneurs , investors. models, Government, Non Govt Officers, scholars, and students of higher study with an excellent future.


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