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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course, firstly we go for last name, Age, Cast, Profession and country during the session, and we only share the profile on mutual likes basis based on one's Match card after the session. candidates are strictly  not allowed to share their personal information during then session. 

We have three level of services at different prices that are customized to each client that can be discussed in FREE CONSULTATION .

Yes, but the Member is still required to interview with the CRO either in person or via Skype and will need to complete all steps of the Registration process. In order to maintain our strict standards of Confidentiality and Privacy, we will need your written authorization once they have filled out your profile

Your assigned CRO ( customer relation officer ) will find you your matches by thoroughly understanding your requirements and partner preferences along with numerous other traits and characteristics. Our staff is highly skilled and 100% dedicated to helping you find that perfect life partner. The Matchmaking process includes an advance tools and technology with standard procedure which require the mutual consent of both Clients and Client Match/Candidate, anytime detailed Profile information is exchanged.

Yes, everyone is charged the same fee to activate the Matchmaking process, unless there is a special promotion being offered.

Yes, you can request a Membership hold for 1 months if both parties live in the same country or 3 months if a different country. After that time frame you and your potential life partner are considered to be a final match and the CRO closes both your’s and your match’s cases. The “hold” must apply to both parties in order to be honored.

The paid membership is valid until you find your life partner. 

Yes, mostly our  payments are via PayPal accepting Visa, Master and Amex which are  fully safe and secured. We also accept wire transfer or money order ,Zelle and cheque. in the name of NRN MATCH  LLC, Payments are honored only in  US dollar, any other type of payment will not be valid.

 You can learn more about the prices once you join the first free consultation.