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Our Services

Our uniqueness & powerful combination of best matchmaking with one-on-one coaching, private & confidential, and experience of a lifetime, has made us different from others. NRN Match is the No. 1 personalized, offline matchmaking service based in the USA where we handpick our client’s potential life partner. We believe that we are able to provide you with the best quality matches to find your soulmate. Our mission is to connect Nepalese people around the world and help them to find their ideal match.

Our Process

Step 1

Contact US

Please feel free to contact us by either filling out the Contact Form or E-mail.

Step 2

Free Consultation

We provide a free consultation to each of our clients where we introduce the company’s policy, rules & regulations. The consultation is absolutely free with no obligation.

Step 3

Becoming a Client

  1. Interview and screening process
  2. Signed agreement and payment process according to package
Step 4

Shortlisting and Search

  1. We will assist you in creating a strong and attractive profile
  2. We will find out your preferences for your ideal match
  3. We will check your personality to analyze how you think, your values, behavioral patterns, and your partner preference
  4. We will show you pictures of our current clients and their profile based on your profile and partner preferences.
Step 5


  1. Your Choices from photographs and profiles
  2. Shortlisting from your profile and partner preferences
  3. Recommendations from NRN Match
  4. Maintain close communication throughout the process with dating feedback with our team
  5. Arranging the dating process with your match via zoom, skype, or physically
  6. Providing personal coaching and counseling if required to each of our clients
  7. Keep continuing searching for potential life partners until ultimately found
Step 6

Your Chosen One

The case will be closed once you have found your ultimate soul

Our Services

  • Assist with creating a detailed client profile
  • Verify the client profile and conduct interviews for the screening process
  • Search for suitable matches based upon specific criteria
  • Screen the potential profiles matching the Client’s profile
  • Send regular updates on interest received and matches to each of the clients
  • Initiate contact and arrange meetings/dating with approved matches

Shortlisting and Initiating Contact

  1. The CRO (Customer Relation Officer) will contact your potential match(s)’ to arrange the connection
  2. Acceptance of a Client’s expressed interest is wholly and solely at the discretion of the Client. CRO shall not coerce or insist a client accept your interest even if you are very keen on that person.
  3. Any decision on the part of a Client to accept a Client match, including but not limited to interacting, meeting, or dating the Client match is strictly the sole responsibility of the Client accepting that Client match.
  4. CRO shall arrange a meeting with a prospect match if and only if both parties have agreed and are willing. Client needs to take due precautionary measures at your own cost. The CRO will not be held responsible for any actions and behaviors displayed by either client upon meeting/dating.
  5. Follow up for all clients will be done mostly through email/calls to ensure proper communication audit trails
  6. Confidential and private information will not be disclosed unless the client approves the same via email or written communication.
  7. The company will make every effort to keep the same CRO throughout a client’s period of Clientship but the CRO may change due to reasons beyond the site’s control.
  8. To avoid potential miscommunication and misrepresentation, there will only be one authorized alternate contact for a Client. The name and contact information for that individual will be provided to the CRO via email written communication.
  9. The CRO will only contact Clients who have registered on our website and start the searching process only when the client is Paid his/her due amount to the company.
  10. The CRO makes every effort to verify Client Profile information but will not be held responsible for any documents that were provided under false pretense. Profile verification does not include Criminal background checks; This is the responsibility of a Client if they so choose.